My purpose is delivering value and meaning in the management of dispute resolutions, judicialized or not, preferably in the business area.

Value in the sense of cost reduction and efficiency gain.

Meaning as a solution that can generate meanfull satisfaction for you or your company in dealing with conflicts and disputes, recurring or punctual, and that can impact the proper functioning of your business or simply disturbing your sleep…

Attorney at Law, Mediation and Conflict Management

For thirty-five years I have been assisting and representing clients (individuals and legal entities) in litigation management with a focus on judicial representation and strategic negotiations on behalf of Brazilian and multinational companies of different sizes, including family companies.

I led for 20 years the conflict resolution team of Trench, Rossi and Watanabe Advogados in Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil. Therefore, I had the opportunity to work in lawsuits, arbitrations, and negotiations of agreements and TACs in favor of leading companies which act nationally and internationally, including   agribusiness, automotive sector, technology, telecommunications, among others.

I have recently boosted my knowledge and skills through an LL.M at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, California, which is considered a “top-ranked program” in the USA, with emphasis on mediation and negotiation.

I added, along the way, a pos-graduation course in business law and additional training certifications in coaching (ontological and generative), leadership and team management in top national and international schools.

As a lawyer and negotiator, and more recently as a mediator, I have always maintained a proactive approach towards seeking the most customized solution for the client in terms of time and cost efficiency and seeking legal certainty.

In view of that, I handled several strategic issues on behalf of the clients through agreements or mix of judicial measures with efficient arrangements, both created with client’s participation.

This same approach, now neutrally and impartially, I have been also applying in mediations and others ADR forms, moreover as a consultant in the construction of dispute resolution systems (DSD) that we can design together!

Since November 2021, I have been acting as an attorney and consulting partner at Silveiro Advogados, which offers a wide range of legal services, including self-composition methods (www.silveiro.com.br)